Martin Heinze is a sound artist, composer and electronic musician working in the field of experimental electronic dance music and generative art. 

He holds a Master’s Degree in Media Arts, Art Theory and Media Sciences from the University of Arts and Design (HfG) Karlsruhe, Germany.

Heinze writes and performs under artist names Martsman, Anthone, Bokeh (in collaboration with Katsunori Sawa) and //no (in partnership with Felix Krone). His works have been published on numerous electronic music labels, such as Hidden Hawaii, Offshore, Hospital and his self-established The Weevil Neighbourhood, a creative outlet for music and media art showcasing a diverse range of artists from Germany, Japan and the United States. 

A collaboration with artist duo IRIS-A-MAZ (Iris Holstein, Matthias Hederer) lead to joint venture media art installation Animalis Prismatis, which has been on display at multiple venues across Germany and was awarded at SwingBy young art award 2023 hosted by Poolhaus Blankenese, Hamburg.

In the past years, Heinze has been conceptualizing various approaches to generative electronic dance music. These efforts began to materialize with empty x on Solana blockchain based Nina protocol. Subsequently, he delved into algorithmic Jungle music production leading to releases Fibonacci Jungle Versions and Edouard & Leonardo. Heinze’s current focus revolves around experimenting with generative AI in the realm of audio, employing models like RAVE, MSPrior, and vschaos2.