This page is to showcase my major music projects from the past 10+ years as well as some material pre 2010.

Generative Jungle

One of my main music projects of 2023 was developing a technical framework in Pure Data that allows to create Jungle/ Drum & Bass tracks in a generative fashion.

For making the concept more tangible, I’ve screen recorded a short video of the patch setup.

I’ve published different versions or recordings of the same parameter constellation and sample set on Bandcamp, Nina, and the streaming services.


In 2018, Hidden Hawaii put out my album Kerner. The album was released as double 12″ record and in digital format including two additional tracks.

The artwork comes from a series of motives from artist duo IRIS-A-MAZ with whom I also collaborated on media art installation Animalis Prismatis.

The Weevil Series

The Weevil Series consists of three EPs LARVA, PUPA, ADULT. It was originally released in 2010 on limited edition vinyl. 
In 2020, the series surfaced digitally, remastered and each release containing additional reinterpretations by DYL, Felix K. and Katsunori Sawa on The Weevil Neighbourhood.


Anthone is the artist alias I’ve been using for releases on my label The Weevil Neighbourhood.


Katsunori Sawa and I are producing as Bokeh. We’ve been putting out material on The Weevil Neighbourhood, UVB-76 and Mirae Arts.

On the latter, our album Lenses Dances has been released in 2020. For the album, a custom Bokeh logo has been designed by Paul Nicholson/ Number3, who also was responsible for the infamous Aphex Twin logo.

Black Plastics

Black Plastics is an ongoing series of four-track EPs self released from 2012 on in digital format.


Various single releases, EPs or contributions to compilations as well as remix works are spread among different record labels and music imprints in the past 20 years. This is a selection.