Component library for straightforward music creation in Pure Data

In order to cover recurring use cases while writing music in Pure Data, I’ve consolidated a few abstractions to a dedicated component library. It’s available on GitHub and will be updated and extended over time.

Below is a selection of these abstractions including a few recent additions to the repository.


Chordculator generates popular chords based on a given MIDI note and outputs to main patch as a list.

The chords are stored in a separate text file next to the patch. It’s formatted <Chord name> <half tone intervals>; and can be extended quite easily.


Karl is a lightweight Karplus Strong synth with additional control over burst length and delay intensity.


Doerte is a simple mono-in stereo-out delay unit. The delay times are calculated based on a given tempo in BPM.


Polly generates poly rhythm bang pattern based on a tempo in BPM and a standard meter in 4ths. With the notes atom, the number of bangs in the given meter can be altered and put out via the outlet.

DStab/ DStab mini

DStab is a lightweight dub techno stab synth. It creates a chord based on the input MIDI note (with thirds and seventh), pipes through a reverb unit and and outputs via audio outlet~. DStab mini only outputs the main note (e.g. when using in combination with Chordculator abstraction).


Frauke creates random patterns from a given number (e.g. the index size of a musical scale or a number of samples in a set). The complexity of the sequence created can be defined in three levels.


Herrmann is a classical (max) 16 step sequencer that cycles through a randomly or purposely created sequence and outputs bangs on active positions in the cycle.