New output “Fibonacci Jungle Versions”: available on Bandcamp and nina protocol (Solana)

Fibonacci Jungle Versions is a selection of recordings using the Fibonacci sequence as a track buildup and sequencing template in Pure Data processing different sample sets with a distinct Jungle and Old School Drum & Bass aesthetics.

The initial idea, concept and configuration of the patch have been described in a blogpost from earlier this year. For the recent release, 7 different sample sets have been used to create each one variant for an EP on Bandcamp.

Another batch of recordings with different variants (based on same samples, settings) has been released on nina, an ecosystem for music built on the Solana blockchain. Each of the 7 tracks is available in an edition of 3 with lossless file available for token holders using Gates.

The output from a third recording session are distributed via various streaming services from August 2023 on.